Worried about your elderly parents living alone? Verify their caretakers and be stress-free!

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Background verification

A growing number of opportunities outside their home state has compelled most of the children to move into another state or abroad leaving their parents back home, alone. When they are alone and need support, their dependency on the local help increases to manage their daily chores. They need attention, support and care across different walks of their life, right from managing the kitchen, their health, and travel. Their dependencies on Maids, Cooks, Health Care support, Drivers increase, which also puts their life at risk.

As responsible children, it is essential for us to take care of the health and well being of our parents, more so when we are living away from them. We must keep a control on the people appointed for their care and support. We must always remain safe rather than sorry. Hence, we must hire caregivers for taking care of elders, especially ones living alone.

We need to be extremely careful before we choose the caregiver. Senior citizens are vulnerable and can be victims of abuse – physically, sexually or financially or through manipulation especially when family members are not around. The number of instances where caregivers have robbed elder couples or single elders financially or materially are rising. One needs to be vigilant while hiring caregivers to ensure that your elders are cared for and treated compassionately. So, if you want to ensure that your old parents are safe at their homes and be stress-free, you need to perform thorough background checks of the person you are planning to hire. is a focused background verification agency that is trusted for its proactive support.  The agency takes care of the end-to-end background verification of people across different nature of work: from housekeeping staff, maids, cooks to drivers, gardeners & healthcare support givers. Essentially, the verification service shall include a thorough background check that covers the following:

  • Criminal record and personal information

Verifying identity and checking for criminal records before hiring staff or caregivers is crucial. is an expert employee verification company in Bangalore. We conduct extensive background verification of a prospective viz a viz their personal identity and address. We cross-check and verify the credentials submitted by a prospective employee or staff. Checking the criminal records with the help of police verification can help one considerably reduce the chances of fraud or mishaps.

Moreover, credentials verification is important. It helps one to get first-hand information about the person. A reference check is essential, especially for healthcare professionals. conducts reference checks. We speak to the past clients, references provided by a candidate and cross-check the information.

Based on the data obtained and analyzed by the experts, the background verification agency will provide a consolidated report to the client right at the doorstep.

  • Background Verification of the employee

The past behavior of an employee speaks a lot about the attitude and vigilance of a caregiver. Especially, if you are hiring a caregiver make sure you know their approach before hiring them. Employee Background verification can give one a tentative idea about the behavioral pattern of an employee. It can enable them to know their strengths and weakness. A reference check along with checking the educational qualifications, history of violence, criminal activity, theft etc is a must.

Moreover, it is also recommended to check the references provided by a candidate and ensure that the caregiver has previously worked at their premises. is the leading tenant and employee background verification company. We perform background checks and employee verification professionally.

Credit issues and financial issues can lead to grave problems. It can be one of the drivers for committing crime or theft. Checking the creditworthiness and financial status of the caregiver is essential. A caregiver suffering from financial unrest is more likely to steal from an elderly person. Collaborating with an employment verification company for financial and credit checks can enable one to make an informed decision.

  • Police Verification

Recruiting a stranger can be a daunting experience. It can cause great inconvenience and lead to some problems too. If your old parents are suffering from some chronic conditions, they may need some extra care. It is imperative to ensure that the caregiver you are recruiting is an expert with a ground background.

Background checks and police verification can weed out the chances of incidents, frauds, risks and theft. Police verification is checking the person’s criminal history to assess trustworthiness. Verifying the credentials and personal information with the police database and obtaining a police verification certificate provides you with peace of mind. However, the police verification process may be at times cumbersome and time-consuming. It may involve lots of documentation and procedure. Seeking aid from a reputed police verification service provider can help you to save your time as well as money. is one of its kinds of tenant and employee verification companies. We provide end to end verification services. Our team of experts are highly professional and trained. They provide quality service right at your doorstep. Right from collecting documents, scheduling police appointments to get a police verification certificate; with be sure about quick turnaround time and excellent service.

Wrapping up!

Employing a caregiver for your old parents can be one of the most significant tasks. It may require a lot of attention to detail and carefulness. Hiring an expert house help background verification company for police verification can be beneficial and worthwhile. is the leading background verification company in Bangalore. We offer comprehensive employee, background and tenant verification services. Our commitment to providing specialized verification services and a streamlined verification process gives us a distinct edge over our contemporaries.

Hire the best background verification company for accurate, on-time background verification reports right at your doorstep!

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Background verification

Worried about your elderly parents living alone? Verify their caretakers and be stress-free!

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