The Ultimate Background Check & Background Verification Guide for 2021

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Verification and Security are the buzzwords that have been in attention and demand. Gone are the days where you react after the damage is done. As far as security and safety is concerned, one must be proactive and responsive. Such approach needs to be done at work & in personal environment by a professional background verification agency.

For maintaining a secured environment at your workplace, home or even vehicles, you need to be certain that the employees you hire are screened effectively. Organizations need to thoroughly verify the details mentioned by potential employees in their resumes through background checks managed by professional agencies. You need to dive deeply into the backgrounds of the candidates that you shortlist for a function. Performing due diligence on prospective employees is a specialist task and requires deep knowledge & contacts within the industry, contacts in law enforcement entities and a host of other factors. The entire process of vetting employment history, checking criminal records, checking financial records and other activities of a prospective employee to ensure a sound hiring decision is termed background verification. is a focused background verification agency that strives to perform trustworthy and thorough due diligence for your tenants and employees.

Thorough background verification ensures:

Verification of employment details – Background verification helps understand whether the employee that you are considering hiring has the right competence to perform a particular task and check whether all the qualifications and employment experience mentioned on the resume are correct. This check assures employers to understand whether the person shall fit the desired role in the organization.

Workplace Safety – Background verification also involves checking the past criminal records of a candidate by the police department to ensure that the person you hire shall not be a threat to your workplace.

∙Safeguard customer data – For roles that involve handling large amounts of sensitive customer information, you also need to ensure you hire employees with an impeccable record on protecting internal data and customer privacy.

Ultimately, background verification ensures that your organizational reputation is safeguarded and you build a safe, secure work environment for current and future employees and Society at large.

Types of verification services:

 The ultimate purpose of background verification is to gather information about a person to assess whether they are trustworthy, reliable, and credible.

Here are the different types of verifications that does for ensuring thorough a background check:

1. Personal Record Verification: Under this type of verification, all the official details of an employee or a prospective employee are verified through different agencies.

  • ID Check – This is a vital check to verify the authenticity of a person. The UID Aadhar Card is one of the primary tools used by employees to check the identification and the address of a person. For more thorough ID checks, the passport details are also asked for and verified.
  • Address Check – Based on address documents submitted by employees or candidates, both the temporary and permanent addresses are checked for authenticity. Any falsification in address automatically signals a red flag for the candidate. The tenure of the candidate residing at a permanent and temporary address is verified by sending a field officer to the said address.

Identity check and search is conducted at local police stations to check whether the candidate name, address and identity is authentic or not.  For roles like maids, servants, drivers, peons, etc. along with domestic database searches, identity checks, police verification is also conducted by

In case of deciding whether to rent a property to a tenant or hire domestic help, this check is of prime importance. Police verification and Identity check helps ensure that tenants do not create unwanted hassles at your place. Moreover, it also gives you a complete confirmation of the identity information provided by the prospect.

2. Work History and Experience – This is the most important verification conducted while hiring an employee by organizations. Under this type of verification, the past work experience of a candidate is verified through different checks like

  • Reference Checks – The references provided by a candidate on his resume and a few personnel working in the same field or previous company are contacted by specialists like and then information on work ethics, workplace behavior, trustworthiness, etc. to check the suitability of a candidate.
  • Previous Employer Check – HR or payroll departments of the previous employer are contacted to verify the authenticity of the information provided by a candidate in the resume.
  • Educational Credentials – To screen out candidates providing fake educational qualifications, education background verification is undertaken frequently. At times, universities are contacted to verify the authenticity of documents. Government portals like the National Database of Academic Qualifications or the NSR (National Skills Registry) are referred to for verification.

3. Credit History – Lately, checking the credit history of potential employees is undertaken by employers to check the past credit behavior of a candidate. Checks on credit history by accessing CIBIL scores and credit reports help identify financially responsible candidates. This is especially important in the financial services industry since unstable finances may lead to higher chances of committing fraud.

4. Police Verification Certificate: A police verification certificate can help landlords and property owners safeguard their interests. It helps one to verify that the property is being rented to an honest tenant. The tenant must file a police verification form and follow the process to obtain a police verification certificate. is one of the leading police verification & background verification companies in India. They offer professional background and police verification services. They initiate the police verification process and ensure that the certificate is received without any hassles.

Wrapping up!

Background verification plays a crucial role. It helps one to gather information about a tenant or employee before associating or onboarding them. Background verification can help you to avoid future risks and assure you about the candidate.

Collaborating with an expert background verification company in Bangalore can enable you to verify the information provided by the tenant/prospective employee and protect you from potential risks. also conducts a profound scan to verify the past record of a tenant or an employee. The verifications and checks help one to know if there are any negative feedbacks, reviews or encounters with the tenant or employee. makes sure to dig deep and find all the vital information concerning the candidate to be verified. A dedicated team of experts and professionals carries out the entire verification process and provides a consolidated end to end service to the client.


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