Tenantverify.in is an automated background screening system and individual risk evaluation platform that helps find facts and uncover lies. It is an individual screening system certifying background history, individual characteristics, creditworthiness and other traits of an individual. We endeavour to provide up-to-date information and world class analytics to our customers to help them make commercial decisions.

Background screening is a combination of several background checks and feedback, which
weaves a network of information around an individual. The information is finally presented in
form of a structured report, allowing you to make an informed decision;

Screening mitigates future risk
– Reduces occurrence of untoward incidents and crime
– Prevents fraudulent representation of documents
– Assists you hire the right person for a job
– Brings transparency amongst both parties
– Builds great and lasting relations
– Builds a secure environment around your working place or residence
– Helps in finding the individual in case of untoward incidents and crime

No, Tenantverify works on the principle of consent and to process any request an Individual/Self Consent Form is required.
Each check can be conducted within 1 – 10 business days. Processing times may extend up to 3-4 weeks in case of delays in academic and employment verifications. Primary reasons for delay from education university HR departments at companies are caused due to holidays, festivals, data not available, overload of verification requests. These scenarios occur in about 5% of the cases conducted. India is undergoing rapid transformation due to digital India initiative. This is bringing about widespread changes in the way background checks are conducted today. Relevant databases such as criminal, education, and employment will soon lead to instant data availability.
Note: Turnaround time (TAT) for any order will start from next working day of placing the order.
Note: We will make 1–3 attempts to chase for any physical visit/follow-up required for respective check closure. Your package will include checks/screening as per your selection.
A background screening can be conducted as a part of pre-employment check. You can also order a screening to be done in case you have any doubts about the current behaviour or the conduct of the person. (This is applicable across all our packages-Baby Sitter/Tenant/Driver/Security Guard, etc.)
Yes, you can create customized packages to suit your needs. You can also add services to the existing packages and customize it as per your requirement

Yes , please mail us hello@tenantverify.in or call us +91 6363827088

Yes, We can you can contact us on the following mail us hello@tenantverify.in or call us +91 6363827088
You can create your tenantverify.in account by registering with your credentials and view progress of your case anytime by clicking on 'My Account'.
Requesting a background check on someone-Customer (you) need to furnish all details/required documents and make payment, making you the person of contact and draw benefit source for any discussion/disconnect. Also, in this case, the final tenantverify.in Report will be accessible by you alone.
Self-verification – Candidates themselves will furnish all details/required documents and make payment. Candidates alone will be at the receiving end as a source of any discussion/disconnect allowing to have their own report, which can be used by them to showcase their profile portfolio.
Using this functionality, Customer (you) can register on the portal and forward it to the candidate you wish to verify. When you click on the forward to candidate link the online verification form is shared with you and the candidate on the mail id mentioned. The candidate needs to fill that form and we will receive it when he will click on submit. The customer will be able to make the payment after forwarding the form to the candidate.
Once we find out that a document is missing or is inaccurate, our team will contact you via e- mail/call or account alert to communicate about the required information. In case the required information/document is not furnished within 15 days from the date of raising the request, we will process the case with the available information and will be authorized to close the case as 'Unable to Verify’, which will be reflected in the report.
For any concerns you can contact the help desk team by clicking on “Contact Us” or via “E- mail” and we will be more than happy to assist you.
tenantverify.in works on pre-payment structure. You can go online and login with your account credentials to make the payment via a secured gateway. The following are the modes of payment available:
  • Online Payment through PayUMoney Payment gateway
  • NEFT Fund Transfer
  • Cheque
No, you cannot change the order once the payment is done.
tenantverify.in works on a pay per use model. You only pay for the checks selected or the package selected. Our customer service team is available via phone, email, and my account sections to assist clients and candidates and guide them through the process. All these services are offered for free, with no hidden or additional costs.
All orders placed will be considered as final orders and there will be no refund. If you feel that you are entitled to a refund due to extraordinary or unusual circumstances or you are not satisfied with the service, please contact us ..
Yes, you can cancel verification process. However, since we initiate the process immediately upon receiving the request, the report will still be generated on the basis of checks completed till that point of time. Please note, no amount shall be refunded upon cancellation.
We focus on researched data sources to ensure high-level authenticity and having our own contact information mechanism developed over time and expertise. It makes the probability of completing any case greater, where still if any such situation occurs we will refund the payment for that case.
The final report stays in the tenantverify.in database for your future use. Also for your convenience report will be available online on your account, which can be accessed 24/7 by using your login id and password.
Your information and your records will become a portable asset for you, which you can access as per your convenience.
Your request will be duly queued and our customer service team handles every request promptly. We also review all requests daily to ensure everything is handled in time. You shall be reverted within a minimum of two (2) working days.
We have developed a robust proprietary software with emphasis on security, scalability and availability. We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation.
  • Forgery-Proof Online Results Delivery- Easy-to read online reports.
  • Physical Security- Our technologically advanced operations centers have passed numerous security reviews and audits.
  • Continuous Improvement- In-house team of programmers ensures continuous innovation.
  • Online Ordering and HRIS integration-With HR-XML compatibility, our technology is based on the industry best practices
Tenantverify.in has a proprietary screening engine that is built with smart workflows, which eliminates manual steps and offers an experience that allows for quick on-boarding of candidates. The web based platform offers fast and easy configuration to meet customer’s flexible needs. Simply send an invitation link to candidate or fill it yourself and then check and track your results on the intuitive dashboard. We make background checks simple!
Tenantverify.in has access to multiple data sources, including Aadhaar, court records covering over 80 crore records, transportation authority, national academic depository for education records, state sex offender registries, and a host of other sources for terrorist, and international crime watch-lists.
green colour indicates that we have not found any adverse remarks or discrepancies against the applicant. All the checks have cleared.
A red colour code indicates that we have found adverse remarks or discrepancies against the applicant. One or more parameters claimed by the applicant differ from the source’s verification. It is up to the client to decide whether to hire the applicant. In case of a red report – read our instructions on how to deal with red reports.
An orange colour indicates that we proceeded with the verification, however only partial information was available at the sources end. This could be a result of:
– The source did not have the data
– The source no longer exists, e.x company shut down,
– The source refused to provide the data
In case of a red colour – you are advised to speak to the candidate regarding the concern/discrepancy found and give them a chance to present their facts. At times candidates would admit the fraud, which would make their offer letter or employment null and void. You must provide a time frame to the candidate to get alternate information and then submit those details to us. We would then go back to the source and seek a clarification on the matter. You can send us a query via the review/dispute your report tab and we will re-verify the report.
If your company reviews background reports as part of the screening process, then you must follow the adverse action process when information on any report leads in part, or entirely, to an adverse decision including but not limited to: not hiring/contracting, severing employment/contract, or denying a promotion.
First, the pre-adverse action notice must be sent. This includes a formal notice that information on the report has lead you to the potential adverse action. The notice must include:
-Instructions on how to initiate the dispute process, -Instructions on how to provide additional information or evidence of rehabilitation, -Reason for red report with discrepancy found details, If the applicant does not respond to this notice within a specified period of time (typically seven days), then a final notice is sent and action taken This entire process, while seemingly an operational burden, is important and can be carried out with ease using the tools made available by Tenantverify.in technology.
Yes. All records have a unique ID number e.x. employee id number, roll number for degrees. It would assist our search in case an Aadhaar number is provided. But for police verification Aadhaar number is mandatory .
Tenantverify.in is an online background check company. We partner with solution providers that make compliant use of its background screening solutions. Please contact us at hello@ tenantverify.in with your query.